(Alcohol 37.5%)


A rich-flavored premium vodka.

Made the traditional way, but using a modern recipe and new technology, it is distilled five times, giving it a round and mild flavor profile.

Our experienced Master Blender Solveig Sommarström has a hand in all our products. Her tastebuds are much sought after, a veteran of Swedish spirit making she has worked with some of the most famous brands.

(Alcohol 37.5%)


Sture Black - with a hint of liquorice.

The mild base of Sture Vodka meant that we could create a liquorice vodka that, unlike most, isn't overly sweet.
This means that with Sture Black you can add liquorice flavor, without immediately sweetening your drink.
Not to mention that it also makes for a great shot.

Enjoy the tangy taste of liquorice and smooth vodka.

(Alcohol 37.5%)


Sture Blonde has an added taste of vanilla. This gives additional roundness to an already silkily smooth vodka.

Sture Blonde is well-balanced, made especially to be the perfect base in your drink of choice.

(Alcohol 40%)


Sture Gold delivers the same rich flavour and smooth taste as Sture Vodka, but stands out with its higher alcohol content and luxury packaging.

Like all of our products it is made with clear springwater and golden wheat from the fields of Sweden.

Experience genuine Swedish quality in every drop!